Frequently asked questions

Are these physical products mailed to me?

All of the resources in our shop are downloadable PDF files that you will save and print from your own computer. Nothing in our shop is physically mailed to customers. You will get a confirmation email after purchase with download instructions.

I am having trouble printing my files, what do you recommend?

Most of the time the error is on your end, and there's nothing I can personally do to help. Sometimes there is a problem with the file on my end and if you try these things and still can't find a solution, email me and we will work together to figure it out!

  • Go online and install the most recent Adobe Reader update. This is the problem 99.9% of the time! It’s that simple!
  • If you are using a MAC - the problem is usually because you are using the standard Mac PDF viewer instead of Adobe, Make sure you have updated Adobe and that your downloaded files are opening in Adobe and not the Mac viewer and things should be fine!
  • Sometimes Google Chrome or Safari {or another browser} can be the problem. Try opening in Firefox or possibly IE or Edge and see if that helps. Whatever browser you are using, try another browser and the solution may be that simple!
  • Sometimes it is simply your computer, if you have a different computer in your home, try there!
  • If you are opening directly, try right clicking, saving to your computer, and then opening from your own folders.

I bought items from your Teacher's Notebook Shop before it closed in September 2018. Can I get access to purchases I lost since then?

Sadly, Teacher's Notebook purchases were managed entirely by them and not by me. However I would love to help if possible. My current shop {where you are now} was set up as a result of TN closing abruptly. Search through your email to find the confirmation of purchase email you recieved when you made the purchase from Teacher's Notebook. If you can find this, it will serve as proof of purchase and I will resend the file to you! You can forward the email to me and I can reply back with the product you purchased! If you cannot find any proof of purchase, I have no way to help in this situation.

I lost my password to a private access page I purchased {RRSP, RRSK, YCR, etc.} How can I get in?

This is an easy fix! I just need the email you used when you purchased and I can look up your purchase. If you set up a member account here in the shop, you'll find your purchases there. If you didn't set up an account, I can look them up for you!

What printer do you recommend?

We use and love HP Instant Ink. It is simply the best when printing multiple color pages. There are several compatible HP printers, we personall own an older model and have had it for years {Officejet Pro 8610} You can read more here on my blog: The SIMPLE version: My referral link {you get a month free and so do I}: Choose your monthly plan, I have the $9.99/month and get 300 pages {full color} per month plus up to 300 roll over if I don't use them!