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  • Where did you get....
    If you see a supply, check here in my Amazon shop "Foster Kitten Supplies" to see what it is!
  • Why do some of the kittens have collars on?
    We use colored soft adjustable Velcro collars when kittens look similar. This is for health reasons as we monitor weight daily and any other issues. Identifying a specific kitten is very important and the collars are needed if they aren't easily distinguishable. The collars we use are for this purpose and are adjusted as they grow. These are the collars we use:
  • Where are you located?
    Near Charlotte, NC
  • How can I adopt one of your foster kittens/cats?
    I don’t respond to DMs about adoption, please read this and then email me with your info. If you are local to the Charlotte, NC area and could easily drive here at least 2-3 times, keep reading! If not, please contact a local rescue or shelter near you. Please know that I foster for a shelter serving a large county surrounding a big city. Since the kittens are technically “the shelter’s kittens” I don’t have the authority to make official decisions, but I can usually step in and help with arrangements with the help of my foster coordinator. To do this, I do require that a potential adopter meet the kitten(s) once before adoption day and then we meet together at the shelter for the adoption when the kitten weighs 2 pounds (normally around 8-9 weeks). The kitten then stays at the shelter that day for their spay/neuter and the adopter comes back to pick the kitten up, usually the next day. Another important detail - fostering is not my job, I work full time from home and homeschool my kids, so you will need to coordinate with my schedule for these meetings. It is very difficult for me to work around another's person's schedule. I do the best I can but my job and kids come first. I don’t do any initial meetings before approximately 6 weeks of age. Also, please note all “holds” are unofficial, there is no preadoption or official holding of shelter kittens. I cannot guarantee anything since the shelter makes the rules. I can usually facilitate and it usually works out, but I don’t work for the shelter, I just coordinate with them. For those of you local to me who are interested, please email me: with the following information: Your name and where you live. How many pets (and types) you have in your home. If you have young children, please let me know. If you’d like to adopt a pair of kittens or a mom cat, let me know as arranging these adoptions are priority to me. Let me know you are willing to meet me at the shelter for an initial meeting and then again at adoption time. Also let me know you have read and understand the shelter’s adoption procedures, which you can see summarized below. Please specifically note that all animals must be spayed/neutered before adoption. If you are interested in a specific kitten or type of personality, please let me know. I highly believe personality is a better focus than looks. I’d love to match you as best as I can! · Below, I have summarized the info from the adoption section on the shelter’s website here. When adopting from Animal Services, please: Have a valid driver’s license or state or government issued ID. If these do not have the correct address, bring in verification of your correct address. Could be a pay check, car registration, utility bill, anything! Be at least 18 years of age. Payments can be made with cash or local checks and MasterCard or Visa. No debit card transactions are possible. Adopting a cat? Don't forget to bring a cat carrier with you! If you're planning to adopt two, bring two carriers. If you forget to bring carriers, or you adopt a second a cat because you just couldn't decide between two, don't worry! We can sell you a temporary cat box for $5 each at the time of your adoption. Know that we are putting over $400-$700 into each pet. At times we have adoption specials where prices are waived with a monetary donation amount of your choice. Know that we are putting over $400-$700 into each pet so please be generous when donating. Your donations help us continue to provide care to the animals that we house daily. Adoption Prices: Adult Cats (4+ months): Adoption fee - $30 Spay fee - $50 Microchip - $8 License - $10 Total - $98 Kittens (under 4 months): Adoption fee - $30 Spay fee - $50 Neuter fee - $45 Microchip - $8 Spay Total - $88 Neuter Total - $83 Adoption Fee includes preventive shots and deworming.

See a Google Doc here with detailed savings information!

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