Kindergarten at Home Membership FAQ

Are there daily lesson plans included?

No, there are not daily lesson plans included. WHY? Because every child is unique and when homeschooling you have the wonderful opportuniy to develop a plan for your child's needs! The basis of our home kindergarten plan is our Kindergarten Literature Units, which all 3 membership levels include. You can use only these and have a successful Kindergarten at home experience! In Level 2 and 3 you'll find much more to help you teach K at home.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, but it has to be done personally. You'll need to email me -, and I will give you a prorated quote for the upgrade. Then you'll send the payment via PayPal and I will manually upgrade your membership access!

How long do the memberships last?

Forever! Originally I set up this membership to last for a year but later decided that I wanted you to be able to have it indefinitely!

What ages is this best for?

Our K @ Home mebership focuses on PreK and Kindergarten students, ages 3-6.

See a Google Doc here with detailed savings information!

Teaching PreK and Kindergarten at Home M