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About K @ Home

Hundreds of Pre-K & K printables in one place!

One of the things a homeschool educator feels often is OVERWHELMED.


Even I did when I taught Pre-K and Kindergarten at home for the first time, and I was a former classroom Kindergarten teacher – I knew what I was doing. But it is different and overwhelming when it’s all on you and it’s YOUR child.


My goal is to make things less overwhelming, and one of the ways to do that is to save you time. I have gathered all of our Pre-K and Kindergarten products into a simple membership area called K @ Home, where you can easily access exactly what you need, all on one webpage!


No ads, no browsing around, just log in and download what you want!

Please remember...

Although this is titled K @ Home, your homeschooled child is not locked into a specific “grade,” especially in the early years. It is all about following the lead of the child and finding your child’s sweet spot. Most children who are ages 3-6 and in Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten will benefit from the resources included here.

About K @ Home
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