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All products for sale on this site are digital.



  • Sell my products in any way, this includes downloads or finished products (like on eBay, etsy, Facebook, etc.)

  • Alter these files in any way, or remove images from PDF files

  • Use these for commercial gain, in any form

  • Make my products available from your site. If you feel your visitors would like these resources please link the actual webpage {or blog post} featuring the printable, NOT the pdf file itself.



  • Print multiple copies for your own personal use unless you purchased a group option of a curriculum bundle, then you may make copies for your classroom students.

  • Link my site from your web site, or share the site with a friend

  • Share photographs you've taken of completed projects and post about them on your own blog with a link back to where you got them (either the main page or the page you get them from).

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