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Drive Around Letters and Sounds

SPECIAL NOTE - This product is INCLUDED with our Kindergarten @ Home Level 2 & Ultimate membership, along with tons more! This activity is appropriate for many PreK and K students.


This is a fun, hands-on activity for children who are learning to identify letters and sounds. 


How to use:

Have your child start at the upper-case letter on the left side and say the letter name, then “drive” {using a toy car or just your finger} to the image of the mouth - this is where your child will make the letter sound. Then, your child will drive to an image where s/he will say the name of the picture. Keep going until finished!


You’ll find multiple pages for some letters, choose the sounds your child is working on.


  • Pages for LONG & SHORT Vowels
  • Pages for SOFT and HARD C, G
  • Letter X is an ending sound – foX, boX

Drive Around Letters and Sounds


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