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Busy Family Bundle -Butterflies

Are you busy? Most homeschooling families are!


Pulling together a unit study can take LOTS of time, often time you simply don't have.


Our new Theme Based Busy Family Bundles solve this problem! No more searching my blog and shop for all of the printables, everything is included on ONE ad-free page with simple DOWNLOAD buttons!


How it works:

After you purchase, you will receive a link via email to download a PDF file containing instructions. You will find the private link and password to access the private webpage. SAVE THE PDF FILE! You can come back to the private link anytime in the future and download what you need!


Butterfly Busy Family Bundle Includes:



Yup, if I create a new butterfly printable, I will add it to the private webpage!


Butterflies Featured:

  1. Arctic Skipper
  2. Large Skipper
  3. Peck's Skipper
  4. Grizzled Skipper
  5. Long-Tailed Skipper
  6. Green Hairstreak
  7. Atala
  8. American Copper
  9. Adonis Blue
  10. Silver-studded Blue
  11. Gulf Fritillary
  12. Hackberry Emperor
  13. White Tiger
  14. Monarch 
  15. Zebra Longwing 
  16. Paper Kite
  17. Common Buckeye
  18. Blue Pansy
  19. Viceroy 
  20. Red-spotted Purple
  21. Blue Morpho
  22. White Morpho
  23. Mourning Cloak 
  24. Question Mark 
  25. Jewelled Newab
  26. Great Spangled Fritillary
  27. Red Admiral 
  28. Painted Lady 
  29. Pipevine Swallowtail
  30. Veined Jay
  31. Common Rose
  32. Giant Swallowtail 
  33. Tiger Swallowtail
  34. Two-tailed Swallowtail
  35. Black Swallowtail 
  36. Zebra Swallowtail 
  37. Orange Tip
  38. Orange Sulphur 
  39. Dappled White
  40. Cloudless Sulphur 
  41. Cabbage White 
  42. Duke of Burgundy
  43. Blue Metalmark
  44. Red-bordered Pixie
  45. Banner Metalmark
  46. Punchinello
  47. Rounded Metalmark

Busy Family Bundle -Butterflies