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Kindergarten Monthly Activity Pack - May

SPECIAL NOTE - This product is INCLUDED with our Kindergarten @ Home Ultimate membership, along with tons more!


This Kindergarten activity pack is perfect for busy homeschool parents who don't have time to cut tons of pieces out, laminate materials, or do a lot of prep work. This activity pack is PRINT & LEARN! That's it! There is no prep work other than printing.


A few simple supplies {dice, dry erase pockets/heavy duty sheet protectors, dry erase markers} and you're set for a month of learning fun.


You'll find literacy and math activities with fun pond themed graphics.



  1. My Name - color, trace, count letters
  2. Letters In My Name - color only the letters in your name
  3. Capital or Lowercase? - color capital letters one color & lowercase another, then record.
  4. Tracing Letters - lowercase
  5. Tracing Letters - uppercase
  6. Missing Letters/uppercase - write the missing letters
  7. Missing Letters/lowercase - write the missing letters
  8. Alphabetical Order - write the letter that comes next
  9. Beginning Sounds - look at the picture, write the beginning sound and color the circle
  10. Trace the Color Words - trace the color words using the matching color
  11. What Color? - mark the correct color word
  12. Read & Match - read the sentences and draw a line connecting the correct image to the sentence describing it
  13. Where is it? - practice positional words, read the sentences and match the color code to record the matching image
  14. Do the Words Rhyme? - look at the pictures, circle thumbs-up or thumbs-down
  15. Roll & Cover Rhyming Words - roll a die, use the number code to mark a rhyming word
  16. CVC - Which Word? - look at the picture, mark the correct CVC word
  17. CVC - Missing Letters - look at the CVC word and write the missing beginning/middle/end sound
  18. Matching Letters - look at the uppercase letter and mark the matching lowercase letter
  19. How Many Syllables? - 1, 2, or 3 syllables



  1. Monthly Calendar - practice calendar skills by recording the date each day
  2. Count & Graph - count the images and record on the graph
  3. Analyze the Graph - record how many of each, from the graph
  4. 100s Chart Mystery Picture - follow the code to create a picture
  5. Trace the Coins - review quarter, nickel, dime, penny
  6. Buy It! - use coins to “buy” items
  7. What Comes Next? - mark what comes next in the pattern
  8. Create a Color Pattern
  9. Countdown - practice counting backwards from 10-1
  10. Compare the Numbers - roll a die, write that number in the square and show the number in the rectangle by adding small objects or drawing. Roll again and do the same. Then compare the numbers by using the < or > sign.
  11. Add the Numbers - roll a die, write that number on the pumpkin and show the number in the rectangle. Roll again and do the same. Then add the numbers and write the answer.
  12. How Many? - count the images and record the answers
  13. Count to 30 - trace the numbers, count, find the hidden number, before/after/in between.
  14. What Number is Hidden? - name the number on the number line that is hidden
  15. Roll & Cover 1-6, roll 1 die, mark the answer
  16. Roll & Cover 1-12, roll 2 dice, add together, mark the answer
  17. Roll & Cover Number Words - roll one die, mark the matching number word
  18. Trace the Shapes {basic - square, circle, rectangle, triangle, heart, star}
  19. Trace the Shapes {advanced - hexagon, pentagon, crescent, oval, diamond}
  20. Color by Shape {basic}
  21. Color by Shape {advanced}
  22. Fractions - use the color code with the faction pies
  23. Story Problems - addition and subtraction
  24. Story Problems - roll a die to create an addition problem

Kindergarten Monthly Activity Pack - May